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Does water have a taste, or is it just the texture?


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Just Texture.

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If you think water from the sink tastes the same as water from the fridge, you're insane.

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It's water-flavored.

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When you drink water from anywhere i guarantee it isnt pure 100% H2O. Water especially from a well contains large amounts of all kinds of elements from phosphorus to iron. The concentrations of these affect the waters taste. Bottled water is filtered extremely well so it often tastes fresher. Well or City water often tastes metallic and somewhat stale if you know what i mean

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because you can't tell the water's taste. therefore it is the tastiest thing on earth :)

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If you drink un-filtered water, its mean you drink tasteful water which is against science law because in science book we read water has no taste. If you want to drink pure and healthy water then just drink Osmosis filtered water and use best canister filter for turtle tank which are very healthy for all..

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