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Dogs are better than Cats

What do Cats do? They're so useless! Dogs are so much better! They are so cute!:)


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Dogs work as an alarm system burger deterer animal hunting wagon pulling guard apparatus, while cats just lick themselves and eat all day.

Dogs are objectively better.

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HighFalutin(3402) Clarified
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Re: "Dogs work as an alarm system burger deterer"

Does that include burgers topped with cheese?

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ProLogos(2794) Clarified
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That was not a typo.

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Hairy pussy may be off-putting but if it's a bitch on top of being hairy, I stay well away.

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Its not about who is better than whom.having both the pet i feel obligated to give my opinion

Cats on one hand are very quite and rarely ask you to play with them. They dont seek attention. Neither do they pay!

On the other hand dogs are very active n routinely ask you to take him out or play with him

Which is not possible for everyone, and that too after a busy schedule

So i personally feel cats are better companions than dogs, they ask for less

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Cats are low maintenance; they already know where to take care of business, no potty training required; they are quiet and can be very loving- that works for me.

PS - I have 3 of them.

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