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 Don’t put up with bullying on C D (21)

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Don’t put up with bullying on C D

Members who deliberately harass and insult others with the help of multiple accounts will be severely dealt with on C D , the site has become unbearable with one member who constantly launches into rabid attacks on anyone who disagrees with his assertions 
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Agreed. I call them out when I can.

A tip though is I've found if your replies to them are humorous or in any way clever it either discourages the carrying on or at least let's you walk away feeling you may have given as good as they think you got.

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I’m afraid our most persistent abuser on site is a “ cut above “ other trolls as in his multiple accounts and persistent downvoting , the most recent tactic is to say “ I hope you get face cancer “ , Andy is not putting up with this nonsense as one man rampages through C D he was warned but the warnings were met by more abuse , so the axe will fall

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I agree with you, but who decides what is bullying?........................................................................

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Well if a member daily makes it his / her goal to attack anyone and everyone well that’s acting like a schoolyard bully and consequences are only to be expected

1 point is better. I know what you mean, and I am sorry if I have ever bullied anyone ever. I want to be like Jesus.

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Hello D:

A bully CAN'T bully you if you don't FEEL bullied..

There's a science denier on this website who follows me around everywhere I go, to do nothing other than to put his IGNORANCE on full display for the world to see..

Frankly, I encourage him. You could call it REVERSE bullying..


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I don’t fell bullied , I feel frustrated as every debate he jumps on and immediately launches into attack and then plays the victim , he acts like a typical schoolyard bully who when stood up to runs squealing and immediately uses his alt accounts to attack and downvote , he’s out of here anyway and I did warn him

excon(14625) Clarified
2 points

Hello again, D:

Don't worry... You're NOT the type to be bullied. What you feel is anger at an asshole who RUINS your online experience.. Me too.

What I LOVE about this site is the LACK of moderation.. Clearly, most of us don't need adult supervision, but there's always one in the group who ruins it for everybody else.


1 point

You're correct, I'm gone.


1 point

I'm getting more and more fed upp with this website, do you guys still believe in it? Or should we search for another website?

1 point ........................................................

Rusticus(1986) Clarified
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@cruzaders - I like putin quite a lot, he is a very competent man and a great politician .

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

cruzaders(341) Clarified
1 point

I can understand why americans dont like russians, but dont try to push your hatred of them on the rest of the world

"But the russians will cause a nuclear apocalypse!!" Please, you americans are the only nation in the world that have used nuclear weapons

So fuck you

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But that's my favorite thing to do...

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If you are feeling like you are being bullied over the internet, it means you need to get out more.

Fresh air is a lot more fun. Being on the internet all the time makes you dumb. The world is falling apart around you people, and all you can do is worry about what a bunch of loser malcontents say on some internet website? For a lot of these people, it is probably a way for them to let out aggression in a world that has hammered them into submission otherwise. They are weak, and their weakness is let out here. Let them take their drugs.

That is what this place is. That is what all this amusement is. Drugs.

One day, when it all shuts down, all you electronic crack junkies will be standing around with your hands on your genitals. You will get robbed. You will starve. You will deserve it. Maybe you should have been doing something more useful with your time instead of bowing down to worthless idols. You know, like developing life skills, meaningful relationships, discipline, or growing into a decent human being.

No, instead of working hard and practicing good stewardship, you'd rather do everything half ass, blow all your money on vanities, and argue with people over the internet.

Argue with someone who can't even look you in the eye. Argue with someone who you can't even tell is laughing at you will they intentionally lie to you. Argue with someone who probably isn't taking in a single word you say. For what?

It's all vanity. It's better to keep it real.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God. Surrender to God, and forsake idolatry.

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Don’t put up with bullying on C D

This would prove difficult, considering one of our regular cyber-thugs has a veritable army of alternative accounts which frequently engage in 'up-vote/down-vote' rampages against members who displease him. Then, one would have to create one's own army of accounts in order to fight back. Soon, we would have a 'Halo Wars'-type debate site on our hands