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Donald Trump Is Reliable Expert On Economics


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He has a B.S. in Economics. If by expert you mean having a Ph.D in the field then no, but I'm sure he will have economic advisors so their combined knowledge will probably be enough

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Business management, maybe; probably, considering the billions he's made through Trump Enterprises, but there is difference betwixt economics and business. One is micro, dealing only with a handful of variables and assets, whereas economics deals with all of society.

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He's good at inheriting a shitload of money and manipulating bankruptcy laws and government loopholes to stay rich when anyone else who had not inherited as much as him would not have been able to afford to cheat the system in such a way...

Basically he's a fat douche.

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For a man who's been bankrupt three different times, he has a lot of strong opinions about the way things out to be. He's constantly all over the news. We need this! We need that! And I'm like get the poodle of your head and suck my balls!

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Donald Trump is not a guru on Economics, so, he would not be a reliable source.

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Perhaps in his areas of expertise- real estate, marketing, product branding, golf courses etc., but not the whole economy. He would have a team of economic advisors to give him the bigger picture.

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If he were truly an expert on economics:

1) You'd expect him to have no bankruptcies, yet he has multiple.

2) You'd expect him to be making money off selling his economics expertise instead of by schemes like fraudulent Trump U

3) He would at least understand that everything a public figure says can send stock markets whirling, yet he carries on neither knowing nor caring about that.

4) He would be gun-ho free trade instead of isolationist and protectionist

5) He would devote at least equal lip service to interest rates, national debt, national budget, etc, as he does to conspiracy theories about Cruz's father or building a border wall. To my knowledge not even a peep on those topics has made it to the media spotlight yet.

6) He would understand taxation and not be on the verge of going to jail for tax fraud like Capone.

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