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 Donald Trump is a good president (8)

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Donald Trump is a good president

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He has raised the National Debt 2T in two years, He's alienated most, if not all, our allies. he has "secret meetings" with our enemies where none of U.S. know what he has said, or promised, he lies at a rate NO President has done before, he has generated hate within the country AND around the world, he ignores the brutal killing of an American citizen, he GAVE Syria to Putin and the hated King, he has given new strength to white supremacy within the country AND around the world, he has set ecology BACK at least 20 years, he is indirectly supporting MOST of the authoritarian dictators around the world, he has undone most of the GOOD the last 4 Presidents have done …. my fingers are getting tired …. Yep, he great. ;-)

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Donald Trump is very factually, very demonstrably, a pathological liar. The idea that you think it is a good thing for your country to be led by a man who has a chronic problem with telling the truth indicates quite strongly that you should not be voting at all.

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He's most likely not the worst, and he has done some things that I applaud so sure, in that aspect he's good.

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why wouldn't donald trump be a good president? he wouldn't be

On immigration hes great. Im very conservative on that issue. Keep low skill, low intelligence, low education people who are unwilling to assimalate out of my country. Also especially muslims.

On just about everything else hes garbage. Especially on economics. Tax cuts for the rich, retarded tariffs, gunning for cuts to medicare/SS.

On climate hes retarded as every other right winger and thats an issue we need to address NOW.

On war he went back on his campaign promise to leave afghanistan and iraq and stay out of syria. Instead were getting futher enchrenched there.

And on saudi arabia hes their little bitch boy.

Bronto(2017) Disputed
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Pretending to not be nom, eh nom? Your helmet wearer personality is rather hard to miss.

And on saudi arabia hes their little bitch boy.

Name a President in your lifetime that wasn't suckling the Saudi's teet. I'll wait.

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He is a great politician. There are 3 things you never mix in politics: Feeling, religion and EMPATHY. He has none of those.

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Donald Trump is a good president

Hello C:

Trump has proposed a criminal reform bill that I support.. From THAT measure, he's a good president..