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Yes! You hateful thing! Not if you don't hate gays!
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Dose simply opposing same-sex marriage automatically make me a homophobic bigot?

I don't hate gay people. Some of my best friends are gay! I just oppose same-sex marriage and homosexual acts. I pray for people who are born with that kind of orientation, that they may live a chaste life. Dose that sound hateful to you?

Yes! You hateful thing!

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Not if you don't hate gays!

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The reason why you oppose it is also important.

As you can see from the popular atheist vs theist debate on here, atheism won.

For you to vote, and actually take rights away from people is extremely harmful to a civilized society.

I am against abortion on a personal level, but I am for it politically. I would vote pro-choice, simply because I believe that people should be free to choose, even if I would not want unborn babies to die just because people are irresponsible or prone to accidents.

If you said "I am against same-sex relations, but I vote in favor of freedom and love, despite my opinions", I would consider you to have an opinion that I disagree with, and that's that, but because your opinion is based on mythology, which on this website was decided to be wrong, and because the USA is not a theocracy, same sex marriage should be legal, no matter how you feel about it.

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Emperor(1348) Clarified
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Even though you say some of your friends are gay, you still look down on them for it.

You look down on thieves or murderers the same way, right? You "love the sinner, hate the sin."

But when a gay person says "What I do is my business, I think it's right because it doesn't hurt anyone.", and you say "No, you're wrong, but I still like you", you sound like an enormous ass who thinks your opinion dictates how everyone should behave, yet you also feel that you're always in the right, and that you're a really really nice guy who accepts them anyways.

This sounds like I'm targeting you, but this is the behavior I've noticed from any Christian or religious group who opposes an act which isn't harmful. Murder, stealing, rape. Those are all harmful for sure. Being gay? That is only a sin with no actual harm done to anyone.

Not to mention, only religious people view it as a sin.

Take away your religion, and your opinion goes away too. I used to be religious and look down on gay people. Only the act, of course. The person who was gay? I didn't mind them, but I felt what they did was wrong.

To think someone is wrong because of mythology is in my opinion, very wrong and very hurtful.

I look back in shame.

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I would'nt go as far to call you a Homophobic Bigot but you are far from being accepting if you truly like Gay people it should not bother you who they choose to share their lives with and wishing a Chaste life on them is unfair and a form of prejudice (unless of course you wish the same for all your straight friends)

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Yes, wishing one to deny themselves anything which in no way affects you or harms another, is being spiteful at the least, if not hateful.

Save your prayers for starving kids or child cancer patients if you must pray for something. Leave adults to make their own decisions and don't worry about it.

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If you are talking to a liberal, then yes. Otherwise, no .

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Essentially when you don't support gay marriage you are saying gay people are not deserving of the same legal, financial and social protects marriage offers to straight people when they marry the person they love. So essentially in your mind gays and straights are not equal because you believe they shouldn't have the same rights aka. marriage.

Also just for the record I don't know why gays would be your friend. Although you may not condemn their life, by denying them marriage you are essentially saying you don't want them to be with the person they love forever. You are saying you don't want them to have legal protection when their spouse dies. You are saying they should not have the right to visit their spouse in the hospital.

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you have the right to believe that it is wrong, but you do not have the right to force your beliefs on others, so yes.

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After all these years those opposing same-sex marriage have failed to make any rational arguments. Instead, they articulate their belief that gay marriage will somehow cause a number of harms. They can't explain why gay marriage causes these harms, or show that it actually has. Irrational negative beliefs about a group of people are called prejudices, and proponents of prejudice are bigots.

Also, I want to add that 10 years ago my anti same-sex marriage brother would threaten to beat up my sister's gay friend if he came around. I'm a lesbian and he also threatened to beat up my girlfriend at that time. These days he claims to love lgbt people even though he opposes equal rights for them. His angry rants these days about the matter demonstrate that he is still motivated by animus. He just cannot openly admit to his animus these days given the success of the lgbt rights movement.

So in short, yes, you are a bigot if you oppose same-sex marriage because you cannot offer any good reason for denying lgbt people equal rights.

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To be a homophobic bigot would be to hate gays, or to believe that their lifestyle can not be open like yours.

Opposing same-sex marriage, at least for religious reasons, is often because the religious believe that marriage is a sacred act between men and women granted by God. Not hatred, but God's will.

However, if you believe in a Federal Ban on same sex marriage, you are an authoritarian, and that's just as bad.

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This whole debate hinges on two aspects:

1. Whether you are opposed to same-sex marriage (SSM) for provable reasons, or merely because the two participants are homosexual;

2. Whether you are personally or legally opposed.

Addressing the first tenent, of course I agree that criticism is perfectly fine if evidence is presented. It has to be provable, observable evidence, not whatever inebriated ramblings come to mind, but as long as you've presented evidence, you can disagree with SSM without being bigoted. If you've got nothing enlightening to add and you merely disagree because the two parties involved are gay, then I would say that you would be discriminating. You're singling out one characteristic to moan about, which is textbook discrimination.

As for number two… if you're not trying to adjust other people's lives, then it's fine to disagree as long as you don't expect special treatment. But if you want your opinion to be fact, then you're a narcissist. The brilliant thing about the law is that it is, unlike most other things, it is objective and must be based on dead cert hard facts. Whilst most of the evidence point in favour of SSM, you can't wield the law like a trident and use it to deny others their rights. The right to privacy means that you can't deny others their rights just because you disagree with what they're doing. You just have to suck it up like a real man.

In the end, freedom of speech works both ways. Even if people say hateful things, what right do you have to take away their rights? What use is free speech if the weakest, most vitriolic voices are not protected? Bigotry against bigots is still bigotry.

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No, that not homophobic, being homophobic is being prejudice against them. If you didn't let them talk or sit by you or crap, that would be homophobic. But you don't do that. Also to bible says hate the sin not the sinner and you don't hate gay people, just the thing they do, which is good for you because I know a lot of people who hate both

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Absolutely not! That is crazy!! I don't support same sex marriage and it has nothing at all to do with not liking gays. My favorite uncle is gay. He calls me a "breeder." And while I am sure he supports same sex marriage for others I know he doesn't want it for himself. I reasons for opposing it have nothing to do religion, or my spiritual beliefs or my personal feelings about gay people. Even I am know to appreciate the beauty in both sexes. There are political reasons for opposing same sex marriage. People should educate themselves before making such serious claims about people. It is very damaging for us to treat each other this way.

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Emperor(1348) Disputed
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What are your political reasons?

If you're a conservative, then perhaps it actually is a religious reason.

Even if you don't say it is, unless you have a good reason, I am pretty sure that you are doing it because of your religion.

I do not think there is any logical political reason for denying same sex marriage. Like I said on the other side, it's fine to not support gay marriage or gay acts, it's fine to think it's gross, but when it comes to politics, I'm pretty sure that freedom to marry is not something that will corrupt the nation.

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Emperor(1348) Clarified
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Also, perhaps this debate title should read "Is it fair for me to oppose same sex marriage, or do homosexual people deserve the right to marry?" Because being a homophobic bigot is a strong word, and the truth might not be as extreme, but could still hurt and offend certain people.

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seekthetruth(6) Disputed
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This is exactly what I am talking about. Just because I did not state what my political reasons are then I am lying? Look at all the judgments you made about me. The reason I decided not to state my reasons is because that is not what this debate is about. Maybe you would like to start a debate on this subject.

Either way.....

i am not a conservative

i am not religious

i am pro choice

i am against obama care

i am for doing what I think is best for the American people.

i am against Christians who wave signs saying "God Hates Fagots" and if there really is a God I hope for their sake that they can explain to their God why they felt comfortable putting words in his mouth"

i am a military brat

i love my gay uncle and visit him often in Austin, TX.

i do not accuse people of hate based on their political views.

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