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Dr Batman Tried To Reach The Toilet In Time, But Sadly He Invalidated Himself Again


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Soiled Himself

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Doctor Batman for President.

The election and inauguration of Dr., Batman is nigh.

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AstralPlane(34) Clarified
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The terrifying thing is that a person with his ideas and mentality being elected president of the US is not completely unfeasible.

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The only tragedy I see, is Astral Plane trolling around. This post is hereby invalidated by Astral Plane himself who invalidates himself. How many times has Astral Plane soiled himself? More times than I can count of destroying "sciencerules" and all pathetic snowflakes for denying facts and truth. Astral Plane is hereby declared as a hypocrite and that is the tragedy of this post.

My testimony in Jesus Chris and in God the Father stands unbroken. All facts and truths still do not change on gender, age and racial background never being able to be changed because it is what it is. Offended? Too bad. The March of Truth continues. Anything else the opposition says will be fully invalidated. God prevails!

Astral Plane has alot to say on my mentality, yet his own mentality causes him to lie about others on this site. This makes him a false witness and thus will be judged by God on that Final Day of Judgement. Astral Plane's mentality is beyond unstable, he needs serious help. I am not surprised that you see yourself as a hero, Astral Plane. But you aren't and just so you know, not everyone is as ugly as you are.

I do just fine reaching the bathroom in time and btw, I was born biologically male, I remain a biological male and I am happy about it too! I use the men's washroom just fine because I know men use the men's washroom and women use the women's washroom. It's called common sense. This alone adds to the self inflicted and self destructive behavior of Astral Plane who probably struggles to see himself as a man. At least I have a devoted girlfriend, God and Christ in my life. I also do not suffer from suicidal tendencies nor am I from any of those Slavic countries listed. Astral Plane's lack of common sense makes me laugh. It's sad but it's also pathetic. Astral Plane has soiled himself over 1000 times and decides to pin it on a man of truth and of God. I am not surprised that Jesus was right back in the day. The wicked will always point fingers first and astral plane has done just that. You have invalidated yourself on your own forum while I use pure facts to destroy the opposition. Snowflakes will always soil themselves because they cannot handle the truth. You also don't know me on a personal level, therefore you are invalidated in your arguments. I am a Son of God, a Child of the Covenant and a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

I do not want to be President of the United States. I may love America, however, I do not desire power.

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Amarel, you are just such a pathetic person. You're a lying troll who asks me questions you know I can't answer because immediately before asking them, you ban me from your threads. It's insincere and demonstrates very clearly the childlike behaviour you exhibit when you lose an argument.

South Korea is the best example of a "wealthy nation" you can find, huh?

Let's talk about how, out of the 195 countries on Earth, the United States has the 23rd highest suicide rate. Let's talk about how any of the countries above them could possibly be considered wealthy, which is what you appear to be implying. Those countries are:-

1) Lesotho.

2) Guyana.

3) Eswatini.

4) South Korea.

5) Kiribati.

6) Micronesia.

7) Lithuania.

8) Suriname.

9) Russia.

10) South Africa.

11) Ukraine.

12) Belarus.

13) Uruguay.

14) Montenegro.

15) Latvia.

16) Slovenia.

17) Belgium.

18) Vanuatu.

19) Mongolia.

20) Kazakhstan.

21) Hungary.

22) Croatia.

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Amarel(5668) Disputed Banned
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The US barely inches ahead of Japan, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Switzerland.

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AstralPlane(34) Disputed
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Inches are not what suicides are measured in you fully delusional imbecile.

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