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Yes, vote Fetterman No, vote Dr. Oz
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Dr. Oz is a quack. Vote John Fetterman.

Dr. Oz is American's quack. He has promoted quackery for years. Then, he sold false cures for covid-19 and downplayed the risk of covid-19. This is indisputable. Should we vote Fetterman or Oz?

Yes, vote Fetterman

Side Score: 8

No, vote Dr. Oz

Side Score: 6

New Quackery:

Old quackery:

Besides there is a chance Oz was cruel to dogs.

"The abuse was first reported by local Philadelphia outlet Billy Penn. An investigation by Jezebel published earlier this month found that Oz’s team at Columbia conducted experiments on at least 1,027 live animal subjects, including 34 experiments which resulted in the deaths of at least 329 dogs." By Kelly Garrity

The case is clear, Oz is a villain as long as Fetterman doesn't do anything too crazy John Fetterman is the moral vote.

Weekend update Dr. Oz
Side: Yes, vote Fetterman

Family values matter to conservatives.

"Randy Kaufman, the Republican candidate for the Maricopa County Community College District governing board, was arrested and charged with public sexual indecency after police said he was masturbating less than 200 feet away from a preschool." By Gerrard Kaonga

Way to show consistency against what the conservatives call perverts.

Supporting Evidence: Randy Kaufman republican masturbating by preschool. (
Side: Yes, vote Fetterman
RoyInnis(57) Disputed
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The case is clear, Oz is a villain as long as Fetterman doesn't do anything too crazy John Fetterman is the moral vote.

You want for the Christian to win over the Muslim?

Side: No, vote Dr. Oz
BigOats(1445) Disputed
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Basically these retards are saying that integrative medicine is 'quackery'. They are of course unable to form a coherent argument, and have to resort to making noises.

In fact, the integrative approach to medicine is the new trend in science, and no scientific sources dismiss it as 'quackery'. Integrative medicine has a track record of curing chronic conditions which conventional medicine has never even tried to cure. There are a lot of peer-reviewed publications on this subject.

Side: No, vote Dr. Oz
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Most doctors and scientists dismiss integrative medicine also known as complementary and alternative medicine as grift.

Yes, there are peer reviewed articles that unfortunately do support your point of view.

Yet, this is a major cherry picking fallacy. You can find some journal with a lack of scruples and even high quality journals can sometimes let a confidence artist post.

The majority of articles are honest and support main stream medicine dismissing thieves.

A good example is the fraudulent Andrew Wakefield. Yes, he managed to deceive thelancet journal, but was caught the article retracted.

Supporting Evidence: BMJ fradulent Andrew Wakefield. (
Side: Yes, vote Fetterman
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Oh heck. This is my state. Thanks for the info. I'll be voting for Oz now.

Side: No, vote Dr. Oz
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Wait, I don't understand why has this encouraged you to vote Oz?

Side: Yes, vote Fetterman
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I went and watched video of both candidates. Oz looks basically like a normal person, and Fetterman looks and acts like he's about to kill over. Something is wrong with his cognitive abilities it appears.

Side: No, vote Dr. Oz
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Oprah endorses Fetterman.

"if I lived in Pennsylvania, I would've already cast my vote for John Fetterman, for many reasons," Winfrey said during a virtual event Thursday. " Oprah Winfrey

Supporting Evidence: National Public Radio (
Side: Yes, vote Fetterman
RoyInnis(57) Disputed
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What exactly are you pointing to here, that the billionaires want Fetterman?

Side: No, vote Dr. Oz