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Drag racing fans?

I can't get enuff of it. My favorite sport along with my CrossFit here at our Box. Any of you guys watch it or participate? Even just Street racing? Me and my brother in law are building a pro stock car to compete at the Texas Moto Speedway near where I live. It's a 69 Chevelle with a bored and stroked 383 in it. Holly double pumper, turbo charged. Tweeked gear ratios. I think it'll turn low nines in the quarter.
 I race a rebuild Camaro now ive had for ten years and I hit a 138 in the quarter last weekend.
This stuff gets me hard. One of my last remaining vices.
How boutchoo?

Hey Saint? Will I burn in hell for this? And do you ever race your horse and buggy?

God bless.
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I prefer random street races even though my car is a piece of shit. :)

yeah street racing is fun, but you have to carefully choose where to race, unless you dont want to end up going broke from paying speeding tickets. about five years ago, or maybe four, I racked up seven speeding tickets in a little under a year and then had to pay a $500 fine just to keep from having my dl suspended for a year.

what do you drive? do you ever watch NHRA? im going to the races in Houston next weekend.

ProLogos(2794) Disputed
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I'm not really interested in discussing it.

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I've got nothing against racing.

But also I'm all about safety.

If you can do it on roads at times when the likelihood of an innocent getting injured is extremely small then I say go for it.

If instead you want to do it in highly congested public areas then I'd say you're nuts.

There was a fatality in Boston earlier this year when some young punk decided to drag race his Bentley and he ended up jumping a curb and killing someone. Utterly stupid. Ruined his car, ruined both his and someone else's life. Happened in a really really stupid place where nobody ever at any time of the day should have thought that's a good place to drag race.


I don't mind if you do it, as long as you do it smartly. And if you do it stupidly and there are dire consequences then you deserve to have the book thrown at you for it.

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Yeah sure I !love that shit, bro! I'm a total adrenaline junkie. Right now I'm into motorcycles, though. Just traded in my Honda Shadow 1100 for a CBR 1000. Which is Hondas fastest crotch rocket. 0-80 in about four seconds. Weeee!

But hey, you're not gonna get too many takers around here on this topic. Most of these guys are pretty tame. And sometimes lame! LOL ....lots of limp wrists if you know what I be sayin.