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 DragonBorn vs SipSumLean rap battle (6)

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DragonBorn vs SipSumLean rap battle

3 rounds 16 bars each.
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you say I can't flow right, but look at who's reading it...

A lean sippin' syrup-geeking twit

who can't speak english

you type like you never passed fifth grade

rap like you're a fifth of your age

and exchange

cum with gay

prison inmates

jerking em' off till' your wrists sprained

you engage

in acts that would make Milo Yiannapolous hang his head in shame

you sick flam-ing anus licking bitch made

shit stain

I look upon you with disdain

I'm so incredible when I beat up that ear pussy

I cause' eargasms and then I go for the rear, looky

I'll ass rape your brain hole you fucking queer, it's clear nookie

is something you never got within a light year near, pussy

the only pussy you ever seen was in the mirror, pussy

so you better cower in fear, rookie

I am not here to play with you,

I fucking decimated you

by the time the lyrical debate is through

you'll be ate and chewed

like a plate of food

in this verse I'm just setting the table dude,

by the second verse I'll be savoring the flavour you exude

and by the third verse I'll be pushing you out my anus tube

into toilet and flushing you down the drain, it's true

try not to sip too much lean, or get too baked to lose

with some dignity, cause' you'll need to put your brain into

this if you plan on not looking like a total noob

Jody(1792) Disputed Banned
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Why couldn’t you just say you don’t like him in one sentence?

If you ever see him you would actually cower behind a bin waiting till he passed by possibly after pissing yourself ........

Good ole 50 C had dawgs like you earmarked.......

You say you a gangsta, but you never pop nothing,

You say you a wanksta, then you need to stop fronting

You go to the dealership, but you don't never cop nothing

You been hustling a long time, but you ain't got nothing…

Bitch ........

DragonBorn(315) Disputed
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You suck get out of my rap battle.