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Dreyer's Frozen Custard

If you have tried Dreyer's Frozen Custard that is sold in the supermarkets, do you like it?


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I have tried their vanilla frozen custard and I did like it, however, the frozen custard at Culver's is much better.

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How come you post debates when you won't even respond to peoples arguments?

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PhxDemocrat(13120) Clarified
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I will respond to you right now. I like to read different opinions. I just don't think it is necessary to answer all replies, that's all.

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Nah... I rather eat Gelato anytime, anywhere even if it costs much more...

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ProLogos(2798) Disputed
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You don't like it because you'd rather eat something else? That's an acidic thing to say. Its not even an argument against the custard itself.

And most importantly, it is irrelevant. The debate is asking if you like it or dislike it when you eat it, not if you like something else more.

You say no, but you're reasoning is invalid.

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