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Dumb People are stupid?

of course

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If dumb is meant in the slang sense... which means... in essence... stupid! than duhr! they are stupid, ofcourse... but if dumb is meant as those who can't talk than nooooo!!! there have been really smart people that could not talk.

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Lets take the scientific method. To propose this, we have to reject the alternative.

Is it possible for a dumb-not mute- person to be intelligent?

this would by oxymoronic.

therefore, I reject this hypothesis, and establish that dumb- not mute- people are stupid.

This statement is not only true, but tautological.

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Yes, look at your local liberal.---------------------------------------

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protazoa(427) Disputed
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Why, I just now looked at President Obama and he did not seem to be your run-o-the-mill dumb person.

His predecessor, on the other hand...

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Correct me if I am wrong, but Dumb is the word used to describe people that can't talk. Like if you are speechless you are dumb.

So no. Not all dumb people are stupid.

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not that dumb but if you want that dumb im sorry if i have offended any people i didnt mean to i meant like stupid not that any here is.

Please forgive me if i happend to offend you.

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Oh don't worry I'm not blaming you. Everybody uses the word "dumb" that way. I knew what you meant, I was just trying to think outside the box. [:

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Corect me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Helen Keller dumb. She couldn't talk correctly at least, and she could figure out that weird hand thing she did. That doesn't seem very stupid to me.

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This is why 'dumb' is an archaic word to describe people who are mute.

Originally, it was thought that mute people were simply too 'dumb' to learn to speak, hence the propagation of the term.

Much like people do not call mentally handicapped people 'retarded', people do not call mute people 'dumb'.

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