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Nationwide healthcare worker shortage so libs say fire workers if not vaccinated

U.S. Faces Crisis of Burned-Out Health Care Workers
Hospital leaders are sounding the alarm as health systems face an exodus of exhausted and demoralized doctors, nurses and other front-line workers.

Nearly 1 in 5 Health Care Workers Have Quit Their Jobs During the Pandemic

Medical workers cited COVID-19, poor pay and burnout as reasons for layoffs, resignations

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Nationwide healthcare worker shortage so libs say fire workers if not vaccinated

Hello P:

I'm sure it's in there, but I scoured the headlines and links you provided, but I couldn't find one mention of libs firing health care workers..

Nonetheless, if I thought I MIGHT have Covid, and went to the doctor, I'd certainly want him and his staff NOT to be carriers.

You wouldn't??? Dude!


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BrontoLite(415) Disputed
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What do you mean Con? So if a healthcare worker isn't vaccinated, the libs are gonna let em keep their job? Hey look, what's this? The libs are requiring vaccination for healthcare workers. We both know what that means, eh Con? Healthcare workers are quitting like it's going out of style with overrun hospitals. The left's suggestion? Fire even more of them... Good move, good move... vaccination-health-care

But look on the bright side Con. You may have no doctor or medical aide to serve you, but at least your nonexistent doctor won't be unvaccinated...

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That's the same Libs who have our borders open to the world's nomadic filth and do not have any vaccination program in place for the 100s of 1000s of these disease ridden criminals who infest our country every month.

AIR BIDEN is covertly flying these covid-19 carriers to the four corners of the country while sacking those citizens from their jobs because they have genuine concerns about the affects that the vaccination may have on them.

Biden's America.

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