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Dystopia: Fiction or Reality (Spoiler Alert: Mild 'Dishonored' Spoilers)

For those not familiar with the Dishonored franchise, it's an action-adventure game set against the dystopic backdrop of a plague ridden city-state. Playing it during COVID-19 is an eerie experience, given that is intended as a fictional dystopia with an uncomfortable amount of overlap.

Among the looping state broadcasts (sauce):

"Attention All Citizens: Curfew extends from sundown to sunrise, unless you are otherwise authorized. Violators will be subject to interrogation and detained when necessary. Remember, the boldest measures are the safest."

"The Lord Regent has decreed that plague ordinances will remain in effect through the Month of Rain. Stay alert, and stay loyal."

"This is the Lord Regent speaking. It is with regret that I announce my term as Lord Regent has been extended through the Month of Harvest, and potentially beyond."

"The following businesses have been closed and impounded by the state due to contamination:[list of businesses]."

"Attention, Dunwall Citizens. Following direct contact with an infected or Weeping individual you are required to remain in isolation for two continuous days. If signs of infection occur, report for transport to the Flooded District."

And so on and so forth...

So, question: Is Dishonored's universe solidly fictional or uncomfortably comparable to reality?

Dishonored is Fiction

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Reality is Dishonored

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The similarity of this game--the knowledge of which I possess solely based on your description--is not without the boundary of what is expected in any healthily functioning society, barring a couple protocols (one of which being a leader extending their post unless otherwise outlined as being permissible in their country's constitution/national laws). So, to say "dishonored is non-fiction" would, naturally, suggest to me that our reality is so absurd/unreal that it resembles a game intended to be based on fiction. I am not saying that my suggestion is the entailment of what you are saying, rather it is how I process it (especially due to your use of the word "uncomfortable" when asking if the game is close to reality).

So, a clarification is needed to prevent my overthinking everything: In your opinion, should saying the game resembles our reality be a compliment to the production team for appreciating modern and historic laws/protocols on how to function in a pandemic, or is it an insult to the governments resembling Dishonored that their responses to the pandemic could've been constructed by a mere child who is a fanatic of the game?

(SN: Glad to be back and see you're still here!)

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yo. long time no see. nice to hear from you.

i made this debate almost a year back when the pandemic started, so im guessing a bit at what then me meant (and cringing a little at how vaguely articulated this was). best go at clarification:

dishonored released 12 years ago and is generally viewed as a dystopian game (i.e. it wasn't intended to closely parallel our lived reality, but to be an exaggeration upon it based upon fears of authoritarianism). i think what struck me while playing the game during the lockdown was that it seemed less dystopic and more like an AU of our reality. things that seemed unrealistic or improbable to the game developers, and which were introduced to create an unsettling fictional landscape juxtaposed against our lived reality, turned out to be realistic and probable 8 years down the road. does that clarify?

i think ur point that it suggests that our reality is absurd is absurd/unreal is more or less consistent with what i was getting at, coming at it from the other direction. because our everyday reality has become comparable to a dystopic work of fiction we have stepped into the dystopia and realized it.

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