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If the world was going to end (for reals), how do you think it would go about ending?

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End of humanity or end of the planet?\

I'll start with the easier alternative. if the end of humanity were to come about, it'd probably be due either all of us killing one another after the oil runs out, or a war breaking out that spares no one.

If the entire planet were to be destroyed, I think it'd have to be way more severe than anything humans could do and even more severe than anything the planet could do to itself. I believe the closest thing we have to the end of our planet is the sun dying.

Centifolia(1318) Clarified
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You forgot direct meteorite strikes or a passing large objects that can make our planet's orbit go wrong

DrawFour(2662) Clarified
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I don't see that as being as likely. We have a pretty resilient atmosphere that has protected us from space debris for a while now. No reason to believe it'll be penetrated any time soon. Though now that it's brought to my attention, the likelihood of humans destroying the atmosphere enough that debris could knock us out of orbit does seem more likely.

Sorry, it started out as one thought, then transformed into another, I just decided to keep both.

Heat-seeking dildo missiles.....

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It would firstly die life-wise from the supernova of the sun but after all living substance is burnt out the rock itself would split up overtime by colliding with space debris over trillions of years.

DrawFour(2662) Clarified
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The sun isn't big enough to go supernova. It'll form a red giant that will engulf earth.

Supporting Evidence: Yahoo answers: Dying sun (
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Sorry superior scientist. You win. No sarcasm. :/

The Earth being engulfed by the sun.

I was waiting for an opportunity to use this .

Supporting Evidence: The return of Jesus Christ (

I don't think anyone can comprehend for sure. I just hope it is real quick with nobody suffering.

Jesus will come and ALL the Christians will get brought to heaven.. Those who accept Jesus during Judgement Day will also be saved and brought to heaven.. Basically, whoever accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour will go to heaven... Ok?