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Easter is NOT a pagan holiday

Before anyone engages in this debate please watch this video. 

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Easter is not pagan. It's about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The eggs, bunnies, and egg hunting are from pagans.

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I missed you, and yes it is. Yeshua died during Passover.

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Did you even watch the whole video before you added an argument?

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Did you read what I wrote?.................................................................................

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Easter does not celebrate the death of Christ but the Resurrection which happened after the Passover. Passover starts this Monday, Jesus dies on Friday, and is then resurrected three days later on Sunday (Easter). If Jesus would have simply died then it would have meant nothing.

1 Corinthians 15:14 And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.

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Well what is easter? It really depends on what youre talking about. Easter certainly has christian roots in how they explain what the holiday means to them. but if youre talking about the symbols of eggs and bunnies and flowers those are all symbols of fertility rooted in paganism. Springtime is the time of rebirth after the cold, dead winter. Thus the symbols of bunnies proliferating, eggs being laid and born, and flowers blooming.

These two became blended at some point in history and its not a stretch to say that Easter the christian version only exists because of the pagan celebrations. In rome they had the festival of ishtar the god of fertility where they celebrated the springtime and thats when you get the bunnies and eggs and other symbols like that. But rome being rome it also meant getting drunk, having a ton of sex, and generally causing a ruckus. At the time Christian Emperor Constantine was trying to spread christianity he recognized this celebration as problematic. But he knew people wouldnt take kindly to him abolishing the holiday and it certainly wouldnt win people over. So instead of abolishing it he hijacked it and said that instead of celebrating ishtar and fertility it celebrates the rebirth of christ. Which goes right along with the theme of rebirth ie: springtime.

So while Easter can be celebrated purely as a christian holiday its inception was very much melded with pagan rituals and symbols which just stuck along for the ride as the original celebration faded away.

And some people celebrate easter without any christian aspect to it at all. They just see it as a free day off work or school and an excuse to eat jellybeans, have egghunts and color eggs. See family. Etc.

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