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Eat to live or Live to Eat ?

The topic is evergreen ..

Both types of people populate our world and some find it fashionable to say that they eat to live, and there are the others who feel sorry for those who dont gorge themselves with whatever good food comes their way .. value systems are a changing these days, though, and along with so many things that people did not dare to own till yesterday, are flaunting them today.

So what do you think

Eat to live

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Live to eat

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People who "live to eat" tend to live shorter lives because they eat to much and put health aside.

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Going beyond the literary translation of the topic, the idea of a person who lives to eat is typically not the one who eats too much, but eats much more than he produces.. i.e., his contribution to the society in general is much lesser than what he takes from the society. They need not be eating too much, but exploit every chance of getting their meals free.

People who eat to live are those who contribute to the society by taking just enough for their requirements and in general leave a surplus for the society ( which gets swallowed up by the persons who live to eat ! )

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..................................... .. . . . . . . . . What?


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"Live to Eat"

This statement means "living for the purpose to eat".

Thus that means that food has to be "worth living for".

I would agree that food is worth living for, because as long as you eat, you will live to eat time and time again.

Is this making any sense?

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I feel this debate doesn't properly represent the zombie community. Where are the "eat the living" and "unliving to eat" options?

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