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Economy so bad that Democrats pushing back state of the union 3 months

I see that

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Blinders and more blinders

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Economy so bad that Democrats pushing back state of the union 3 months

Hello S:

Just the opposite is true.. How do you get sooo much wrong?

Dude! 584905-biden-is-delivering-the-fastest-economic-recovery-in-history-why-hasnt


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Hah ha ha! Losing millions of jobs, then recovering 200,000 quickly isn't adding jobs you dolt. It's recovering 1/15th of what you destroyed. You're own article points out that inflation is through the roof because it can't spin rising costs that people can physically see when they go to the store.

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By the way, try learning something today.

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That's the good news.

Anyone with the even the slightest knowledge of economics will know that there is worse, much worse to come.

Biden and his communist puppet-masters feel the laws of fiscal control and prudent financial management don't apply to them.

Leaving the left vs right rhetoric out of this crisis, what the financial landscape is going to look like at the end of this communistic regime's tenure really doesn't bear thinking about.

Trying to haul yourself out of a monetary crisis by printing money which was never earned is the road to financial ruin.

I make no apology for once again pointing out;- if resolving a nation's economic problems was as easy as implementing quantitative-easing,( printing money) every country would be doing it.

Do you think inflation is bad now? Well, just wait a few months and see what Biden's, The Sky's The Limit inflation philosophy produces.


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