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Egyptians want change, hope and a new government. We have lots of that.

We have change, hope and lots of politicians.  Obama is a politician that is full of both (Hope and Change)! He can give them all the Hope and Change they want.  I say we give them Obama.  We can always get another president to replace him so....


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Wait..., What? No!

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Obama is such a generous gift that we will have to attach a condition to it. Like..., they can't give him back ;)

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Egyptians will probably accept Obama as one of their own. I mean, he's from Kenya..., which is at least in the same continent as Egypt. ;)

And I'm willing to bet that they need health care right about now so we can kill two birds with one stone and send them the Obama Care Package as well ;)

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He can help them just as much as he's helped us.

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