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 Elizabeth Warren: Transgender ‘Women’ should be incarcerated in Female Prisons (6)

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Elizabeth Warren: Transgender ‘Women’ should be incarcerated in Female Prisons

During a recent campaign stop in Iowa over the weekend, Warren told a crowd of supporters that transgender women do not belong in a men’s prison:
“You know we were talking earlier about criminal justice system? One of the things we have to think about as a nation: We have to stop putting trans women who are incarcerated into prisons with men where they are at risk. It is our responsibility.”

What is this Brain Dead Democrat talking about.
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I thought the Democrats opposed prisons but here we have a Confused Democrat trying to speak about something she is totally confused about.

Can you imagine these Democrats and their sick priorities? They have no clue how to run a nation so they spend all their time pandering to dysfunctional people.

These types of people are the only ones who will vote for this extreme Party.

These fools actually wonder why they will lose in a landslide to Trump.

mrcatsam(589) Disputed
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They have no clue how to run a nation so they spend all their time pandering to dysfunctional people.

And you said I was being insulting.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Where did I insult?

Do you actually call stating fact as being an insult?

These people are dysfunctional! If you refuse to acknowledge that fact, then you are brainwashed by these Left wing extremists.

Being dysfunctional is not something to be ashamed about. It is something that they need help for and DEFINITELY not something to be sanctioned as normal. As with alcoholism, the person must first acknowledge his problem before there can be any help.

Chinaman(2380) Clarified
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Leftist why do Leftist want to put the Gender Confused of the Left in prison.

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On the one hand, she has a point. Transgender folks in a men's prison are at extremely high risk. But putting them in a women's prison makes them a threat to the female incarcerated population. Is the answer to make a separate prison specifically for the transgender population? Maybe, but on the other hand (a) it may have to be handled at the federal level, simply because each state will have such a small population of transgender inmates, and (b), there's the matter of paying for a whole new prison. Now, one thing we could do is decriminalize drugs, and get folks with possession charges out. That's overdue, and would free up our overpopulated prisons, perhaps enough that already existing prisons can be used specifically for non binary inmates.

That said, when the subject turns to the state having to pay for transgender surgery for inmates: fuck that.