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Enough!! Is it time for a Domestic Tranquility law?

Should ragging on the President 24/7 (fox news,Alex Jones)  be  a crime? Should black lives matter be brought up on charges for turning peaceful communities into hostile environments? Should the Racist rhetoric of the "council of conservative citizens"  be considered a threat to domestic tranquility?  What about race mongering Al Sharptons network of lawsuit chasers...should they be brought up on charges for creating race controversies? 

 It is written...we the people in order to provide a more perfect union, to establish justice and "ensure domestic tranquility". 
 Is it time for the to be enforced. 

You bet cha!!

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Yes, ensuring domestic tranquility is written in our u.s. constitution for a reason. It's time to enforce it.

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When speech leads others to incite to riot, domestic tranquility must be enforced. If speech that is hateful causes some followers to do harm to someone or a group, domestic tranquility must be established.

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Laws and grand sounding quotations won't bring about civic harmony. Only the hearts and minds of people can do that and as the U.S, is now made up of numerous and very sizable ethnic groups with opposing ideologies and customs your dream of a sate of a peaceful utopia is never going to be achieved. The only people who can successfully mix black, white, yellow and brown are painters. There are plenty of existing laws aimed at the harmonious co-existence between the different racial categories, so if these aren't working what makes you feel that new repressive legislation denying the basic human right of freedom of speech/expression would be successful?

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