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Ding dong, the pedo's dead! Sympathizer leftist side.
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As I posted on another thread;- dead men tell no tales.

Think about it.

Side: Ding dong, the pedo's dead!
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It IS a shame this "leftist says, I would have liked to see him suffer MUCH longer!

Side: Sympathizer leftist side.
YeshuaBought(2848) Clarified
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I'm sorry, honey. I'm a little disillusioned right now. I was raped by a pedo when I was 13, so I hate them. I saw a story on Facebook, where SOME liberals were feeling sorry for another pedo, and when I said what I think about pedophile, they said I was the one with the problem. I was center-leftt until that day, now I'm center right.

Side: Ding dong, the pedo's dead!