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Evaluate this claim....

It's by our wonderful resident manic panicking gopher...if you all know whom I'm refering to.

I was talking about how the environment and climate change were quite pressing matters, and this very subtle, unknown lad said this:

I constantly focus on the real question of how do we save innocent lives and end No Restriction abortions!

I focus on how do we stop these radical LGBT activists from coming into our public schools and indoctrinating our children!

I focus on how to stop them from allowing boys, who think they are girls, from competing in our daughter's sports!

I focus on stopping Democrats from abolishing the Hyde Amendment protecting Americans from paying for No Restriction abortions!

I focus on many things, but not the non stop rantings of Environmental activists who have been crying the sky is falling for the past 60 years! You act like this Environmental rhetoric is something new.

It is not! It's been non stop complaints about Global cooling, Global warming, Climate Change, and guess what? Their models and predictions always prove false.

Always? Had your head under the rising oceans, have you? Greta would be upset. Perhaps the sky will fall in 60 years, and guess who will have been correct right then?

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