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 Ever wonder why these anti Christian bigots never rant over Islam's brutality & wars? (2)

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Ever wonder why these anti Christian bigots never rant over Islam's brutality & wars?

There can be only a couple possible answers to why anti Christian bigots give Islam a pass. They are either Islamic trols, or liberal fools.

The religion of Islam is responsible for terrorism all around the world, but seldom a peep from the Left. WHY?

If these hate filled bigots simply hated religion in general, they would be even more outraged at Islam's connection to terrorism.

Christianity is not responsible for terrorism because it is a religion of peace, love and forgiveness. It even teaches us to love our enemies! These hate filled bigots will always try to claim that actions from men long ago, in the name of God, is evidence of Christian hate.

Show me the hate today! Don't bring up false Christians like the KKK, or some fringe Westboro church! Show me the evil being perpetrated by Christians in America today! I could show you tens of thousands of examples of Christian love for those in need around the world.

You bigots never show evidence to prove your lies and distortions because you are as fake and hateful as it comes. You simply do what the Left does and spew fake news!

Liberals love Islam for some insane reason. Islam goes against everything the Left claims to be for. Feminist rights, LGBT rights, etc. etc. are supposed corner stones of the Left, and Islam treats these people like property or someone to be killed.

The next thing these fools do is take verses in Old Testament Jewish law, verses speaking to a time of war between tribes, etc., and then paint the New Testament Christian faith as being hateful.

Who on earth could take these bigots for real? It would be like believing anything Iran says to it's people, the one's being killed in the streets for protesting Iran's corruption and lies.
These are the true hate filled people of the world, spreading terror to non believers, with complete silence from the Left. Why!

The only plausibe explanation is that Christianity is the one true faith, and therefore making allies between non believers and terrorist religions.

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Every Christian Church I've ever set foot in, is constantly helping to fund projects aimed at helping pregnant women, feeding the poor, helping those in third world nations, etc. etc.

This is the Christian Church, but to listen to these hate filled bigots on this site, you would think they are evil.

BAN THESE LYING FOOLS! They do not deserve one second of your time.

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