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Every Respectable Scientist In The World Says Henry Morris Is A Joke

Bipolarman is one of those people who isn't interested in learning the difference between fact and fiction, only in finding other insane people to agree with him. This is something known as confirmation bias.


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Many in the scientific community have said that Morris' representation of evolution as a complete religious system is a straw man.[19] In particular, Massimo Pigliucci criticized Morris' omission of material that interfered with his "mission" and "beliefs".[20] Pigliucci also criticized Morris' interpretation of thermodynamics.[21]

In Evolution & the Modern Christian (1967), Morris hoped to "open the minds and hearts of young people to the true Biblical cosmology." T.E. Fenton, Professor of Agronomy at Iowa State University, wrote "scientific value of the book is nil; the author selectively chooses the areas of science that he accepts and rejects other areas of accepted science".[22] David Vogel, Professor of Biology at Creighton University, reviewed the book explaining "his theology is shallow; his exegesis is maddening; his science is wrong; and he tops it off by offending millions of Bible-believing Christians who also accept evolution".[23]

Morris' book Scientific Creationism (1974 and 1984), according to Herman Kirkpatrick, "is not very convincing evidence to support the recent creation of the earth".[24] Thomas Wheeler, Professor of biochemistry at University of Louisville, reviewed the second edition and concluded, "Scientific Creationism cannot be recommended for use in public school classes, or indeed anyone interested in learning science".[25] Wheeler cited what he claimed was Morris' misunderstanding of science, appeals to religious prejudice, misrepresentation of scientific knowledge, omission of opposing science, double standards in evidence, "absurd conclusions," inappropriate and misidentified sources, attacks on scientists, using discredited arguments, and "silly calculations".[19]

Morris' work with John C. Whitcomb, The Genesis Flood, has been criticized for taking quotes out of context and misquoting sources.[26] For example, in one instance, a source which read "the sea which vanished so many million years ago" was quoted as "the sea which vanished so many years ago."[26] Geologist John G. Solum has criticized the work for being inaccurate.[27] Solum said "Whitcomb and Morris are mistaken about the nature of the rocks associated with thrust faults. Their claim about fossils is based on a Young Earth creationist misunderstanding of how rocks are dated relative to each other, and how the geologic column was constructed."[27] Additionally, Solum said "Morris' explanation of relative dating is not merely 'somewhat oversimplified' - it is entirely incorrect."[27]

In The Long War Against God: The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict (1989) Morris wrote that "the denial of God – rejecting the reality of supernatural creation and the creator's sovereign rule of the world – has always been the root cause of every human problem."[28] Morris was criticized by Randy Moore, of University of Minnesota, for writing in the book that "evolutionism" is satanic and responsible for racism, abortion, and a decline in morality.[29]

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mariemorales(2) Disputed
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I promise to read your comments more frequently. If you have any free time, join me in playing retro bowl because I've never done so.

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The only war against God is common sense and the acceptance of the constant unfolding scientific facts that continue to explain some of the mystifying elements of the universe and the evolution of life on Earth.

Anyone who tries to defend, or proclaims the mumbo jumbo contained in any of the man-made Gods to be true should not be described as a joke, but as a dangerous religious fanatic.

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Another-Alt(207) Clarified
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Yes, I agree. Fanaticism is a damaging disease, which wipes out the mind's ability to think critically about pretty much all things.

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Norwich(1246) Clarified
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Yeah, just when Christianity need a boost Henry Morris knocks it back 2000 years.

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