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Every group has their share of assholes - the libs have Nancy - the conservatives have

Mitt Romney


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The libs also have like 90% of Hollywood actors ;)

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SunTzuv2(53) Clarified
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You mean like Ronald Reagan? Bit of a silly diss.

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Oh, he was one of the good ones ;)

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I would be the first to say that most liberals are more toxic than conservatives, and the liberals have Pelosi,Schumer, and Hollywood, but the conservatives have Trump.

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Are you saying that Trump trumps all others ;)

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Dick Cheney comes to mind pretty quickly.........................

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Off hand I can't think of anybody, and certainly not anyone who could ever get as deep down into the gutter as Pelosi.

She is the archetypal and Commander-in-Chief of political gutter tramps.

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mrcatsam(591) Disputed
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She certainly spared Mr. Barr and others who didn't obey the subpoena from the wrath of the sergeant at arms.

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