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Eviction moratorium will end this month. Bigger riots than last year?

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Bigger riots than last year?

Hello A:

Proly... People don't like being put on the street. It'll probably be a bi-partisan riot too. What?? You don't think evicted Trump supporters'll riot?? They will, of course, and say it's ANTIFA.

Bwa, ha ha ha.


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Amarel(5563) Clarified
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I guess it will be nice to have everyone on board this time. .

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It's unfortunate, it really is but how long did people think the moratorium would last? Covid cases are dropping, there are multiple vaccine's out there, the country is slowly going back to how it was, there may be some slight changes but the pause on evictions wasn't going to last forever. Hopefully people are prepared, hopefully people were smart and saved if able, and hopefully there will be continued assistance for those who are really hit hard by what happened.

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Hopefully our economy will start to bounce back.

But given what we're currently seeing with the housing market, the future of the national debt, and all of these plans for rolling our new relief funds. We could just be digging a bigger hole for ourselves in all of this.

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I worry about the housing market. Where we are, people are buying houses within days of them being listed. Now most likely that's because interest rates are low, but I worry that there will be a lot of foreclosures and bankruptcies in the nearby future as well. Same with cars.

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I do not endorse any acts or actions related to violence, so there are smarter and more civilized ways

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A lot of people will have come to believe that the rented houses they live in belong to them courtesy of covid-19.

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