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Evolution Is A Complete Fabrication Without A Shred Of Evidence


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--The nested hierarchy of genetic traits in modern species.

--Endogenous retroviral insertion patterns in primates.

--The existence of the ascorbic acid producing pseudogene in primates.

--The geographical and paleogeographical distribution of species in both modern times and the fossil record.

--The nested hierachical distribution of species development in the fossil record.

--The extensive list of transitionasl fossil sequences.

--The DIRECTLY OBSERVED speciation of dozens of species through evolution in modern times.

--Correlation between measured rates of genetic mutation and differences in the genetic codes of related species.

--Confirmation through rigorous phylogenetic analysis of the relation between species.

--The fusion pattern of human chromosome 2 and the composition of chimp chromosomes 2p and 2q.


And if you don't understand what half this list is referring to, go read some books before discussing this subject or you're going to make an idiot of yourself.

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arguing with creationists is like trying to convince one of those "see, speak, hear no evil" monkeys that there is actually a world outside their heads.

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Yes, but you don't do it so much for any hope of making dedicated creationists see reality as for the benefit of educating onlookers who don't know about the subject yet. If you don't stand up and correct the ridiculousness it enables it's spread.

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