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Ex issues

how friendly can you be with an Ex?

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Well First my ex-dumped my ass thinking she can get a better man at the beginning of high school... we stopped talking since then. 1 year latter she realizes nobody in the school is attracted to her. I decided that I work my ass off in grades and shed some weight and dress better... all of sudden 6 girls flirt at me in front of my ex during class................. and now she`s trying to get us back together again... That decides everything. 1 no you can`t 2. never think it`ll work out cause after you break up once! than it`s over.

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Me, it's right down to nothing at all, i'm just not the kind of person who can even stand seeing them. I never want to see them or talk to them again, I really just can't take it. It's not even that I hate them I just can't take being around them, ever. For example my last ex still wanted to talk to me and see me, I said yes but for a different reason. She said we could be back together again but now that I look at it I doubt that'll happen. it drives me so insane as it does because she still texts me and shes still on my Facebook. I want to talk to her and call things off but I won't see her for a while. It drives me crazy seeing her in my news-feed all the time, all the photo's and the statuses. I've thought about deleting her, blocking her, or deleting my own account. I would love that however she knows my family personally so I know my family would flare up with the first two options. As for the other I'd have very little contact with my family without Facebook, I know that's weird. I just hope she'll understand when I talk to her, I just need to drop her from my world otherwise I'll still be how i'am now.

Honestly, I think alot of couples make way to big of a deal over break ups. Seriously, if you just keep your distance for a few weeks you can still have a friendship if you want.

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I can understand that but think about if you were with someone for 5 years and all of sudden they break your heart. that's a pretty big ouch, I'd say being friends after a relationship only works for some people.

Well obviously there are acceptations, and it does vary from person to person and even from relationship to relationship.

Now I don't believe that you made this post because it effects you, but incase it does, remember: Attraction is not black or white it is many shades of gray and couples can get back together. Its all good in the end, so if its not good, then it is not the end.

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I disagree actually. I think if someone played such a big role in your life for so long then you would want to keep in contact with them.