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 Excuse me? How in Constitutional Americal, is this acceptable? (6)

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Excuse me? How in Constitutional Americal, is this acceptable?

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This woman is using the words "leftist, liberal, and Democrat" in place of the words "rightist, conservative, and Trumplican". The same-old, same-old method of cons doing it and saying DEM Dems DID IT! If it's being done, it's being done the "RIGHT" way, not the left! (As it WAS in nazi Germany!)

George Orewell's 1984, meet leftist 2020. As a centrist, I also think the right ring is just as morally repugnant, but that is not an excuse, for this kind of behavior. I am a free thought supporter. If you want to vote Republican or Democrat or otherwise, do what you do, and do it well. That which does noot agress upon the rights of humans, or animals, should be considered lawful by the government. I would never round up people for their vote.

BurritoLunch(5935) Clarified
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George Orewell's 1984, meet leftist 2020.

For God's sake Orwell himself was a leftist. I don't understand why you let yourself get brainwashed by Fox News and the various other far right propaganda institutions in the United States.

As a centrist

You aren't a centrist. You just think you are. Standing in the centre of the arbitrary limitations someone else has put on political thought in the US is not the same thing as being a centrist.

If the Democrats are centre right and the Republicans are far right (which is true from the perspective of the rest of the world), then how can being in the middle of those make you a centrist? It puts you on the right.

Mint_tea(4439) Disputed
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It's not. It wouldn't happen. It doesn't matter what side of the spectrum you are politically, that video is propaganda for the insane and idiotic.

I watched the first 30 seconds of your video and that is all I needed to get a picture of how ABSURDLY ignorant the presenter is of history. I mean, it's literally insane.

She begins by comparing Nazi Germany to "radical leftists" which is as shocking as it gets given that Nazi Germany was on the extreme far right and "radical leftists" were exactly who the Nazis were trying to exterminate!!!!!!! She then glosses over this utterly bizarre contradiction by failing to mention that the Communists were THE FIRST PEOPLE HITLER PUT INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS, and instead pretends like Jews were the only group Hitler ever persecuted.

Idiots like this woman should not be allowed to pass their own incredible level of historical (and political) ignorance onto other people.

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How, in Constitutional Americal, is this acceptable?

Hello Y:

The right wing is killing itself off with COVID.. No need to detain them..


Those fuckers ;)