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Exposure to Pornography

Exposure to pornography makes people more likely to commit sex crimes. 


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I suppose it can fill your head with unrealistic desires of submission depending how hardcore you go in your viewing range.

This is also why I am for the banning of animated child porn.

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true, ever since i started watching foot fetish videos....ive been sticking my feet into fat girl bungholes.

i once came across some child-P on the web....and now i cant drive by a school yard without wanting to rape it.

god help me!

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Well... I don't know about that but sitting around everyday with your dick in your hand, watching porn... it's bound to make you socially awkward. Just ask Prodigee.

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Kite626(714) Clarified
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I was curios about this before, seriously research it a bit. I wasn't stating something fully opinionated. The only thing that is my opinion is that exposure to porn does less harm than not to be exposed.

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Most people who commit sexual acts typically tend to have a psychopathic mentality. I'm pretty sure 70% have it, those who commit this desire. Sense they don't have emotional cognition. It is very likely that those who were mentally stable before they delved in did become influenced. On the other hand the majority of those who have a likelihood to do such a thing (psychopaths.) would now have the means to feed that desire with porn. For your question, technically it does cause a higher likelihood. The big picture that should be looked at, which does more harm; not having for those who have the desire, or to have it to feed and tame most offenders cravings.

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Its the opposite actually. Japan and USA has an easy access to pornographic material but the sexual crimes are much lower compared to nations who bans porn. (e.g Middle East)

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There was a study conducted under the Nixon Administration which concluded that pornography does not lead to rape or other crimes.

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