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Extra-terrestrial intelligence exists.

It does

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Maybe not

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Yus because I come from the planet the sun and I am intelligent and my people are smart and yeah

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It is perfectly rational to believe in aliens,because we live near a star called sun,the sun lives in a galaxy called milky way,there is nearly 100 billion stars in our milki way and yet,milki way is just a tiny drop in the cosmic ocean.

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Well... I firmly believe that in a universe as extensive as ours appears to be, it's almost certain that there is other life out there. By the same rule, I would expect that some of it would have something equivalent to what we call intelligence, sentience, etc, though probably different in some key way. But there is no guarantee of any of that, so I have to vote on the maybe not side. And even if life exists elsewhere in the universe, it's not likely we'll be able to contact them in the foreseeable future...

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