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Eyebrow colour

Seeing as my eyebrows are a fairly light colour, I am enquiring as to which type of colour to do them Tongue out

Wild is goooood

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go natural. wild looks wierddddddd. I dont think people with pink eyebrows are paticularly attractive.....

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natural is naturally beautiful. I don't think weird blond-ish colored eyebrows really look nice on black hair or something like that.

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I have very dark brown hair :-/ SoI'll just pencil them in darker

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well.... the best is to keep thewm that way, unless they really look so bad that u just have to do it. although I believe in beautiful natural color. it somehow looks good. let them be.

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Leave them be, people look better with their natural colour.I have seen people with dark hair and light eyebrows and they don't look very good.

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