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9/11? January 6th?
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January 6th?

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FBI Whistleblower Says Bureau Is Faking Extremism in the United States & abroad

Hello Liz:

Of course, if you think Nazi's and white supremacists are "very fine people", like your orange leader does, you too could deny the rise in right wing extremism.

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha. 2020/05/08/very-fine-people-charlottesville-who-were-they-2/

excon, Jew

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This whistle blower was never in a position to see THE BIG PICTURE and therefore couldn't know how many extremist/terrorist atrocities have been silently thwarted by his/her employer.

The term whistle blower is almost always no more than an euphemism for traitor.

Someone who betrays his employer, and/or, as in this case, their country.

Anything declared by a traitor should be trashed out of hand.

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Events surrounding the January 6th were an alarming and disgraceful attack on democracy and one that could have been avoided had Trump given greater priority to the Nation's interests and forgot about his own over inflated ego.

There could be no over exaggeration of this terrible blot on our Country's political system.

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