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FBI concludes there was no January 6th coup


Interesting... If so, what do you conclude from the 417 rioters so far, who've pleaded guilty for their role in the Capital insurrection??


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ViceMaga(186) Disputed
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1) The claim was there was no "coup". Not there was no "insurrection". Big difference because no "coup" means Trump wasn't involved.

2) Your article never once says any one pleaded guilty to "insurrection" or was even charged with insurrection. It lists their charges, and insurrection is in none of them. Insurrection is a word used by the media and never used by the courts.

The most common charge is "Parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building", which are charges leftists get all of the time. One guy pled guilty to having a weapon, but the weapon is pepper spray.

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Top sources there dude. Very credible. Reminds me of the time I read in the Daily Sturmer that Hitler was making a comeback.

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PotatoJunkie(30) Disputed
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Here's Reuters, which is mainstream and left wing

Reuters isn't left wing, It's politically neutral.

The Daily Beast, which is left wing.

The story you have linked is from August 2021, before the inquiry even began. It's over a year old. Even more importantly, it is a story saying that the FBI has found no evidence Trump organized the coup, not that the coup didn't happen.

Either you are a liar, or you are having difficulty understanding basic concepts like time, and the English language.

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LordSauron(129) Disputed
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Yahoo is a left wing source and is mainstream. Was that your argument?

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