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Facebook VS. Myspace

Which one?


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Facebook cause its just better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YOU GET COOL APPS ON FACE BOOK WAY BETTER===================================================

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Who uses Myspace anymore? I know no people who use Myspace anymore.

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back in the day, hands down myspace. but it got whack and facebook got better. its easier and faster to connect to people. myspace is trying to keep up but its not the same

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Facebook is more simple than Myspace, its easier to use and more familiar for common people than Myspace. So most of common people will choose facebook one than Myspace

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facebook is better because it is easier to use than myspace.

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I love the functionality of Facebook, but Myspace has a much more customizable view for your page which makes it more of a personal page. You can make everything look how you want it to, while Facebook everything is the same! If only you could customize your Facebook page and keep the functionality, that would be a real winner!

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you can =) they changed it a couple months ago where you can customize your own page as anything you want... google it if you want to learn more =)

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