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@FactMachine Needs 70 Accounts Because His Opinion Is So Stupid.

Even on the internet he gets laughed at for being stupid.

Except when there are 69 other stupid people saying the same stupid things.


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Even on the internet he gets laughed at for being stupid.

The majority of people are stupid, so if you are a social outcast like me it either means you are even more stupid or you are a genius. I am obviously a genius. I am the anti-subjective one.

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Stupid times 70 still equals stupid.



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All of the regular members on this site know that you are Nomenclature, have at least as many (or much more) alt-accounts as FactMachine, FactMachine generally doesn't attempt to "hide" his alt-accounts as you do (so this is a non-issue), and you have a personal vendetta against him...

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Why don't you debate me instead of using your alt accounts to bitch about my alt accounts. You can never respond to anything I say so shut up.

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I seriously doubt that factmachine has 70 accounts. That is a lot of accounts.

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I don't actually know, but what you state in your title is your opinion.

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