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Fags should be expelled from Schools etc.


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sayyad99(773) Disputed Banned
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Then there should also have been all male schools and all female schools so there would be no gender related discrimination as well. Your argument just represents a level of immaturity combined with a level of intellectual incompetence.

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Kingly342(29) Clarified
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Uhhh. I don't know if you already know this but THERE ARE All male and female schools...Just letting ya know.

Side: Yes
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theallknowin(51) Disputed
4 points

You sir are an ignorant moron. According to you we should segregate kids by their sexuality? Why not bring back segregation completely. you know black and whit fountains. gay and straight bathrooms. Fuck you. You are the reason the world hates america. cause of ignorant fuckin assholes like you.

Side: probably
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WB40(238) Disputed Banned
7 points

All your debates are pointless because you only give options on the for or against side that support what you think. Oh and no they shouldn't.

Side: No
6 points

He's just a troll here to troll. Just don't bother commenting on any of his debates.

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Abbott(158) Disputed
2 points

STOP BANNING PEOPLE THAT are against you that just shows how cawardly you are and I DON'T THINK GAYS SHOULD BE EXPELLED FROM SCHOOLS AT ALL

Side: No
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Hey stop looking at my legs...should we decide...that any 1 type of person should b denied an education/knowledge only based upon fear of said group gaining knowledge................mmmmmmmmmm truly seek knowledge is to question everything..u have learned and to then prove what was wrong in their teachings

Side: probably
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i do not think gays should be expelled nor lesbians. i have a bunch of good guy friends, jeremy, justin, nick and mike: for example these guys r gay but they do not come onto me or my friens and their pretty cool to hang out with also. and u dont have to worry about them hitting on ur girlfriend or stealing ur girlfriend. now i have a bunch of lezbian freinds, alaina, karla, and sarah now these girls they r lesbian but who cares most guys at my school think lesbians are hot. so no they shouldnt be expelled

Side: probably
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You are a fucking ignorant homophobic retard. Why not just restart segregation again? It's people like you that make everyone hate america.

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