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 Faith to God today is totally declining because of MODERNIZATION (3)

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Faith to God today is totally declining because of MODERNIZATION

If really faith is within you

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No, I think faith in God is declining because of education. In the past people used religion to explain unknowns: how did we get here? Where does the sun go? How is a rainbow made? All of these question used to be answered by saying "God did it." Now we have a better understanding of our universe and therefore the "god of the gaps" type of belief is quickly becoming very outdated.

Many intelligent still believe in God though. To them, religion and faith are necessary parts of their life, and that is perfectly fine. For others, if there are no gaps to fill then they don't see the purpose of religion.

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Religion still takes up the mass majority of the WORLD. but, it is declining at a very slow rate because more people have access to logic reasoning. like the Internetz.

but, most people will not accept this, and i don't see religion ending anytime soon unless we have another Communist Dictatorship that hangs anyone who is openly Christian, and even then, the people will worship underground.

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Modernization is a cause but the leading cause is that Sunday is no longer a day of rest.

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