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You guys are pretty good You blow!
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Fans Poll..(and non-fans too!)

Do you like our music? we always like to get input from fans and non-fans too! what do you or dont like about it. all comments and critiques welcome, nobody will be banned. I DO prefer constructive criticism over just plain hate though!


You guys are pretty good

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You blow!

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I'd work out to it. And it would be good on many movie soundtracks. But I probably wouldn't just out of the blue put the album on to play in the background when I'm around the house. That's a matter of personal taste.

It's not Satanic though. It's just another variation on Metal music.

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Yes, good stuff. I enjoy it.

Side: You guys are pretty good
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Pretty good stuff, man. I dig the intensity on some of those tunes. Like Grenache said, I think it would be kick ass gym music. Or maybe even for fucking.


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All the songs sound the same.

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