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Far Right Tear Gases Peaceful Protesters. Then Complains About Them Not Social Distancing.

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TimCast(532) Banned
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Far Right Tear Gases Peaceful Protesters.

The D.C. park police aren't related to the right in any way shape or form, nor are they political. They are park police in a city with almost no Republicans.

No one was tear gassed. Fake news.

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BRONT(400) Banned
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Far Right

Conservatives don't even know who these people are, and neither do you. Probably because when you say "far right", you mean a quiet African American at church praying to Jesus who voted for Ben Carson in the primaries and is about as far right as Bernie Sanders.

Tear Gases Peaceful Protesters. Then Complains About Them Not Social Distancing.

Bwahaha! Show me a list of Republicans complaining about people social distancing so I can either laugh at them and call them out or watch you stammer to provide such Republicans.

I know there was no tear gas because the police and the military aren't even provided tear gas, due to it being illegal, and military personel are only provided it and legally allowed to use it in terrorist SWAT situations and in open combat in foreign combative nations.

And trust me, if tear gas had been deployed, you'd have seen a few bodies hit the ground due to many people having deadly allergic reactions to it and all people, allergic or not, are seriously affected by it at best. And the tear gas used in chemical plants manufacturing some of these types of gases, are nothing compared to the Company "F" tear gas they are pretending was deployed. Bodies would have dropped. You can't even deploy it without protective head gear to breathe. Some would have died, most would have passed out instantly, and the rest would have been sick for days at minimum. From both sides of that issue, deploying and being deployed on, I'd know.

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