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How Hitler did it How modern Hitlers do it
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Far right Nazis pretending to be Socialists are pushing the left towards Nazism

How Hitler did it

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How modern Hitlers do it

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You got an example?

Though I'd argue they are one and the same.

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I am mind blown. The political spectrum is freakin’ circle!

You go too far to the right, you’ll end up to left.

How could I have been so myopic?

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BurritoLunch(6607) Clarified
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You go too far to the right, you’ll end up to left.

This really isn't true. Popular culture in the west has been (and continues to be) bombarded with anti-left propaganda because the left leads away from the present holders of power and the right towards it. This has led to many misperceptions about the left, not least conflating it with Stalinism where the government controls every aspect of your life. In reality there is one simple difference which separates right from left and which prevents them from ever agreeing. The right wants a hierarchical and unequal society, while the right wants a non-hierarchical and equal one (or as close to that as achievable).

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Gypsee(342) Clarified
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You couldn’t have explained this better.

Maybe you’ll be able to clarify the debate for me then.

Are they saying that the US is going so far right that the whole political spectrum is also following more towards the right ?

I don’t get it.

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The right and centrists like me are capitalists and not socialists, although neocons absolutely can be fascists. The left would be either socialists, or communists.

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AlofRI(3262) Disputed
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I'm left and I'm not communist, socialist, or nazi and I don't know anybody that is ON the left. I'm for democracy. We can take something from any political or economic system and use it to our benefit ... IF we vote to do so. We hate Nazis, we hate communists, but, there isn't a political system in the world that doesn't have something good in it. We just have to be careful what we vote for, 2016 is a good example of a bad choice. (One of the worst ever!). Here again, we chose to overturn the bad vote. Socialism is an economic system that also has some good, some bad. We have to find the right amount of good. They've done so in the Netherlands and other places, and nobody hates nazis more than they do. We can do the same. We just have to find the right amount for U.S.!

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I really like you Alfie, but I think your opinions have been coloured by the full century your country has been manufacturing anti-communist propaganda. There is no difference between socialism and communism. Not in the eyes of Karl Marx at least. They are two stages of the same system.

I am not interested in propaganda, bias or distortions of the truth. I am interested only in facts and objective reality. The objective reality of communism is that it attempts to create a fair and rational society which works for the equal benefit of everybody in it. Capitalism is the opposite of that. Capitalism tries to create an unequal society in which the large majority become almost entirely subservient to the wishes and desires of the ruling class.

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NomLovesMarx(356) Clarified
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You are not half bad, actually. Your stance on healthcare is good, I assume you oppose torture, I am a vegan animal rights person. That said, I disagree with leftists on other issues. You might if you are not a communist, be a center leftist, and not a leftist, and there is nothing wrong, with, that.

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