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Favorite One?

I wanna know what your favorite video game, book, movie, song, etc. that you love alot, and why it's your favorite!

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The Original Pac Man arcade game , why ? because I can kick his booty !

Dude, did you know that Pac-Man was originally made to attract female players? And that only one of the ghosts actually chase after Pac-man?

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and they programmers thought no one would ever be able to beat the game , that got proved wrong :)

My favorite book is Green Angel by Alice Hoffman, the writer of Green Witch(the sequel) and Incantation, which are both excellent books. Green Angel tells of a girl who persists after her family(mom, who had a beauitful voice, dad, who could whistle and bring birds and people and was strong but comforting, and sister, who had hair that shone like the moon and was the opposite of Green) and meets new friends, whom she takes care of and nurses injured/hungry ones. She learns much, and teaches just as much. It teaches a life story in only four short chapters, and yet the book still holds so much meanin to me.

She's not my favorite author, however, that spot goes to Emily Rodda, who wrote the Deltora series, and Rowan series, which are all great series, and they are fun to read. The books are kinda short, but she still gets the point across and makes you feel like you're there. The way she writes is amazin.

My favorite video game is debatable, but it would probably be Super Metroid. This seems like a side-scrollin game, but gives you the feel of an RPG, even back with the SNES. You play as Samus Aran, and you go through planet Zebes, defeat bosses that are all different(except for two mini bosses, but that's because they're from the old inhabitors of the planet), and gain power-ups and kick butt.

My favorite movie is The Boondock Saints, which is a movie that's known, and so is the second one, All Saints' Day. This movie is about two Irish brothers, who spoke many different languages, that have moved to America, and years later get attacked by the Mafia, and strike back. They only killed Mafia members, and never hurt anyone that was innocent. This movie made me laugh, cry, and cheer. The Boondock Saints was an all around good movie.

And last but not least, my favorite song is Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas. He wrote this song for his wife, who has a horrible disease that hurts her when she moves. This disease has no cure, and hurts him just as much. Everytime she cries, he cries. He can do nothin to help her, and every tear she sheds is as valuable to him as any diamond could be.

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My favorite book would have to be Oracles of Fire. Even though it is a religious book about God and I don't beleive in that, I love the book so much. It's such an amazing book, I can't even eplain it, you just gotta read it!

My favorite author though would definatley have to be Edgar Allen Poe. I love the way he puts so much detail into Tell-Tale Heart (which would be my favorite story by him) and how he's completely crazy in the Cask of Amontialldo.

My favorite videogame would have to be Boulder's Gate 2. I absolutely love that game.

My favorite movie would definatley have to be the Tenth Kingdom. I do caution those who watch IT IS A LONG ASS MOVIE!!!!!!!!

My favorite song is Hot Air Balloon by Owl City. I love the way he sings it and the meaning makes me smile.

My favorite band though, would have to be Greenday. I absolutely love Billy Joe Armstrong.

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Those are some amazin ideas, but I still think Green Angel is the best book ever. I mean...evuh. Haha. However, Edgar Allan Poe is definitely up there. He is one of the best authors of all time. I mean, come on. He created the short story. Haha.

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I don't know bout Greenday bein the best band. I would have to say either Insane Clown Posse(a.k.a. ICP, but don't worry, they look like jokers, not clowns) or Flyleaf. They're both amazin, and I love them both. Haha.

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Flyleaf totally rocks. Love the sound and the message. I agree.

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My favorite video game would have to be...left for Dead 2. You can kill zombies with guns, Katanas, guitars, and pretty much anything else you can find. Plus I used to play that game with my Sister all the time. The only videogame her and I ever played.

My favorite book has to be Elsewhere by Gabriella Zevin. It's about a 16 year old girl, Liz, that dies in the very beginning, but thats not where it ends. That's actually where the entire story begins. Sounds interesting doesn't it?

My favorite movie would have to be...hmmm...maybe RENT. It's an amazing movie, but I'm not even gonna try to explain it because I would not be able to exlain it to it's full potential. My favorite part of the entire movie though is when Mimi is talking about Angel and she said that Angel said "I'm more of a man than you'll ever be and more of a women then you'll ever get." I love it!

My favorite song...well I only know one part of my favorite song. "Storms never last, Do they baby?" My grandma and I used to walk down the gravel road when I was really young and sing that part of the song to each other because it was always about to rain when we walked. My grandma recently died and that was the one memory I will always keep with me. That's why it's my favorite. I just wish i knew the entire song and the singer who sang it.

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I just wish i knew the entire song and the singer who sang it.

Just so you don't forget it anytime soon, the name of the song is Storms Never Last by Waylon Jennings.

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Thank you Robert. =) That means a lot to me =)


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Airplane, the movie! That's some funny shit and it's timeless... and now that I'm older I've realized it's still funny even when I'm not stoned!

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I've never seen that movie...but I heard it was pretty good. =) I heard it from my stoner ex boyfriend. Weird. my kinda movie if you like it when you're stoned. XD

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I have alote of favorite books, genres like Right now I am reading "little bee" by Chris calvin. I like this book because it has two womens prospective on each other in seperate chapters.

I am not picky when it comes to music, I like all types.

My favorite movies are movies made by Tim Burton. As well as The Star Wars trilogy.I like alote of movies.Why?because I am a dork :)

I don't play alote of video games, sorry.

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I heard that was an amazin book. How far are you in it? Is it good?

I love music, I was just wonderin if there was a band or song that had a very deep, sentimental meanin to you.

I love those movies as well! They are the bomb!

It's fine if you don't play video games, not everyone does. Do you play board games?

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My favorite movie is "Midnight Cowboy" because of the superb acting, the very good story, and because the movie won the Best Picture Oscar.

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