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Favorite character (s) on The Office?

I just finished the last season of The Office and it is now probably my second favorite series ever behind Seinfeld.


I was just hoping I could spark some discussion from fellow Office fans. Who are your favorite characters? Also if you want, what were your favorite moments on the show?

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Top 5 Major Characters:

(1) Dwight Schrute He's also been my favorite ccharacter and I really don't think the show would be the same without him. The show was still good after Michael left but Dwight and his antics would be sorely missed. We also got to see a softer side of Dwight when he married Angela in the end.

(2) Michael Scott Whether you like The Office or not, you have to accept and respect the comedic brilliance of Steve Carrell. I thought his childish nature was so great and although he seemed to be an annoyance to everyone, you could see how much they cared about him and missed him. I was really happy when he returned for Dwight's wedding, although we didn't really hear much from him.

(3) Pam Halpert/Beasley Pam is awesome. You grow really attached to her over the course of the show and you really see her transform from a shy, insecure girl in a bad relationship to a caring, confident artist who has a wonderful family. You can see how much she cares about the well-being of others and often has funny delivery and timing.

(4) Andy Bernard The Nard Dog brought so much to the show and I always found him hilarious, although he did get a bit annoying after his breakup with Erin. It always killed me when he brought up Cornell. I think he deserves a lot of credit because he was right up there with Michael in terms of single-handed comedic deliveries.

(5) Jim Halpert I can really empathize with Jim. In a way, I see him as the main character of the show. With other characters like Stanley, Kevin, Meredith, and Oscar, there is not a continual focus (if any) on their personal journeys. Even Michael and Dwight don't have earnest, personal attention on their lives until near the end. The show feels like an extended snapshot of the influential years of Jim's life. He is able to maintain his dry, cynical humor throughout the show and we find ourselves rooting for him most of the time.

Top 5 Minor Characters:

(1) Robert California James Spider was really effective in this role. California is such a bizarre character, but it works so well for the show, as he seems to simply out maneuver everyone with ease. He has a lot of seriously funny one-liners and for me was the second funniest boss behind Michael.

(2) Creed Bratton Creed is the best. You really know nothing at all about him, yet you know he's a very shady person. He is painfully oblivious to everything going on and his interactions with the other characters are always bound to be laugh inflicting.

(3) Kevin Malone Kevin is normally painted as very unintelligent, which is mostly accurate. He says a lot of really funny things in isolation and makes for some funny slapstick humor. He also has a very emotional side which I didn't like as much, but it made him complete as a character.

(4) Stanley Hudson Stanley is very static as a character and I think that adds to his charm. He is always cynical, short, and fed up with life. He has a lot of traditions that are funny, but the whole infidelity thing was pointless in my opinion.

(5) Ryan Howard He's probably more of a major character, but he couldn't be left off of this list. He really has a rollercoaster life throughout the show and he is really insecure. I think he's a lot funnier in his second time around as a temp, as he seems to fit better and adds a new dimension to the show that already has an excess of funny roles. His relationship with Michael is humorous to follow.

Honorable mentions are Erin, Oscar, Toby, Erin, Darrell, Gabe, Pete, and Phyllis.

I never cared for Angela or Meredith much, but I acknowledge their purposes in the show. I also didn't like Clark that much, but he did get funnier near the end. Anyone else just didn't really give me any lasting impressions.