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So lately we've had a person constantly making posts and completly filling up the waterfall making it difficult to see other peoples posts so I think it'd be a good idea to add a feature so you can filter out certain arguement out of the waterfall.

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I agree. A filter feature that would allow you to exclude certain arguments or users would be incredibly useful.

Yes, particularly in situations like this when one person is spamming (or just taking up the waterfall, as you said.)

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I think that would be a positively wonderful feature, although I am entirely unsure of how complicated the coding for that would be.

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Ok, at first I was thinking what the heck...then I looked at the leaderboard. Ok, I get it. But, as Jace pointed out, I have no Idea how much this is to code. Do you all want it for just the activity pages? Please let me know.


Having absolutely no knowledge of code, I really don't know how unreasonable this may sound. But ideally, I would say just a filter on the waterfall would be perfect, since as it stands, a certain user has rendered it a giant wall of "them".

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Just for the Waterfall page should be fine.

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If you need help with coding while I can not be of assistance I'm sure you could get the help you need if you ask. I know plenty of people who could give tips/help.

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Those ads where a person is washing their hair in a waterfall is bullshit; cause that would knock your ass down.

-(paraphrased) Mitch Hedburg

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The fault lies mainly with those who respond to this detestable little juvenile brat, thus feeding his ego and encouraging him/her to tie the site up in knots. How he must be amused at how easy it is to have so many people trying to give serious answers to what he knows to be no more than frivolous questions. Ignore the nincompoop and like all idiots he/she will evaporate like steam. This non entity may be someone banned from the site coming back under a pseudo name to disrupt normal debate.

Cuaroc(8829) Clarified
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except the username is from SodaHead where he was #2 in points which is why I doubt its a banned person but just someone from SodaHead treating this site like they would treat SodaHead