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Feminists are inequalists Feminists are the greatest
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Challenge Debate: Femenist Vs. A white cisgendered male

Hello, if you want to fight me to a verbal battle to the death with me because I dare to question the feminist movement this is the place! When you join this debate you are saying that you are a feminist, or at least fighting for them, and you would like to fight a person that thinks that feminists are actually hurting out society and blowing small problems out of proportion.

Feminists are inequalists

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Feminists are the greatest

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A feminist is a person who believes that woman are not seen as equals, and support equal job rights, recognition, and the right for their voice to be heard. Feminism has several type of itself included. The one I support is the one I see as the one that, once successful, will leave the scales the most balanced. Throughout history and even in today, women have been treated as objects to be given away by their fathers. Women are often seen as the source of problems (if she respected herself, he wouldn't abuse her). Misogynistic men treat them like dirt, and school dress codes are often unfairly geared. They are often scolded for dressing immodestly, even when fashion designers are purposely making their clothes shorter. I have many points to make, and just so you know, I am a male.

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