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Feminists are inequalists Feminists are the greatest
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Challenge Debate: Femenist Vs. A white cisgendered male

Fight me feminists you wont! No... genitals...?

Feminists are inequalists

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Feminists are the greatest

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i dont understand why this debate is feminist v white cis gendered male when the two are not mutually exclusive. feminism is about equality for the sexes including challenging society's view of traditional gender roles that damage white cis gendered men as much as anyone else.

for example, the traditional view of men as strong, stoic and aggressive with women being weak, emotional and caring hurts everyone leaving men being unable to express their feelings in a healthy way and causing women to be perceived as unsuitable for many high powered jobs.The male suicide rate is tragically considerably higher than for females and this is as a direct result of men not being encouraged to share their feelings and talk about their problems.

These gender stereotypes hurt everyone; they discourage children from pursuing something they love because "girls dont play football" or "boys dont dance", they cause unfair child custody arrangements, they mean that Richard Hammond cant enjoy a GD ice cream!

Feminism is about closing the equality gap and challenging these stereotypes, not about creating a new matriarchal society with no men. the perception of feminists as man hating, bra burners is wrong and (while there are some extreme people out there) the perception is pushed primarily by people who want to discredit the entire movement.

Feminism got women the vote 100 years ago, since then determined men and women fought and protested for equal rights for women. in 1918 it would be unheard of for a woman to work full time and support the household but now, thanks to the gains made for women by feminists women make up 46% of the workforce and contribute massively to the economy. feminism has changed the world, and i think for the benefit of everyone.

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