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it is freedom of speech it is treason
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Flag burning: its is freedom of speech Vs. it is treason

it is freedom of speech

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it is treason

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If you don't want flag burning to happen, then simply diminish the meaning of it by ignoring it.

A statement like flag burning can only be a statement because we acknowledge it as such.

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I hate to have to admit it, but burning the American flag in a sort of public demonstration or protest, so long as said demo is done peaceably and orderly, infringing on no laws or safety, IS a tenet of our Freedom of Speech. That is, our 1st Amendment Rights.

Having said that, I also admit that in my past on the two occasions I actually witnessed somebody doing this, I felt like kicking the living shit out of them. And it took every fiber of my being to restrain myself from doing so.

The first time I saw somebody burn the flag was when I was in college. Undergrad school at the U of M. Playing hockey. We were in DC in the off-season (Springtime) for a hockey Instructional Camp conducted by some coaches on the US National Team.

Me and three teammates were seeing the sights of DC, after practice, and were near the reflecting pond that's adjacent to the Washington Monument. A group of a dozen or so demonstrators burned a flag in protest of our "non-involvement" in knocking out some African warlords who were allegedly denying the peoples over there their allotted UN food/material aids.

So, yeah, all the protesters were black. African blacks.

We approached these guys and my teammate immediately grabbed the nigger holding the flag by the neck and threw him into a concrete statue. LOL Then he began to stomp out the fire on the flag. I was actually going to join in on the other fuckwads, but they were backing off. And then I saw some DC cops heading over our way so I called my guys off and we jogged out of there.

So, yeah, even though the majority of the assholes who burn American flags in public deserve to have their heads put through a wall, to pass legislation denying this act is to begin upon a slippery slope. After all: first the Government denies burning the flag, and then what might be next? Banning ANY sort of public dissent? See, this is not a good path to embark upon.

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I care about my country and the rights of the people who live there, not about my flag. That is the way of the true patriot. To put faith in a flag is not to put faith in America, for a flag is simply a symbol. It is a piece of cloth. We are the American people, not a bunch of flags. A flag is not a human. Sorry, but burning a flag means nothing to me, since no human is necessarily being burned along with the flag, nor is anyone's property.

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If it were my country, I'd whip anyone who burnt the flag mercilessly.

If it was by accident, I would have them begging at my knees.

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SlapShot(2608) Disputed
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and when are ya gonna tell us where your country IS since I busted you on not being in North Korea?



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shoutoutloud(4260) Clarified
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He's American, trust me. .

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If you want to protest something there are better ways to do it (in my opinion) than burning a flag. Flag burning is burning the symbol that represents the nation and it is disrespectful.

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