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Flash buttrapes Quicksilver cockstomps
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Flash Vs Quicksilver

I've been gone from this site for over a year now and it's time for me to make an epic comeback. During my hiatus I've gained experience debating all over Facebook groups like Death Battle. I've come here to show my newfound skills.
So the question is, 
Flash Vs Quicksilver
Both Are Current Versions In The Comics
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Flash buttrapes

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Quicksilver cockstomps

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I say current Flash stomps. Both Barry and Wally casually move faster than light themselves. Something that Quicksilver has just currently accomplished.

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A quick review of their powers seems to me to be essentially equal, which means I'm giving the tiebreakere to the original and the one I knew as a kid - the Flash. Apparently Flash even raced Superman - resulting in a tie. Good enough for me.

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Flash has the speed force and the ability to run about 100 faster than our boy QuickSilver. Also the Flash has a lot more experience, training and background while Quicky just is kinda fast and had a screwed up childhood. To be fair though, so did Flash.

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