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Flash vs. Quicksilver


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Who would win, who do we like or what?

Off of the second option, I prefer Flash. I never read comics too much, and the appearances Quicksilver made in the X-Men were always sub par. He was always vying for daddy's attention or just being a douche. Nothing about him being a villain, because really those terms "Villain" and "Hero" are subjective.

As far as I've seen The Flash, in Justice League, and all sorts of movies that branch form Dc, I've seen him as a powerful, quick witted, character. He's a pretty likable character, and has shown creativity with his powers very often. Some of that creativity includes making his hands spin quick enough to give him a minor version of flight, and another includes his ability to speed up his molecules, or even organs if need be. That also goes for any Flash, the bit about their creativity.

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I do not really know much about either about them, but I prefer Flash.

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